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FAKE - Big Scam Kazantip Festival 2013

images-9-2.jpgarticle by Miss Shine contact@djmissshine.com


Facebook Kazantip Fake!



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he entertainer Miss Shine , producer and disc jockey manager of the label Privat Records , has decided to go to war against the organiser of the Kazantip Festival ( www.kazantip.com ) and to warn her fellow member disc jockeys , as well as the public, of the dangers of this festival !

The Kazantip , one of the biggest electronic music festivals , which takes place annually in Ukraine for a period of six consecutive weeks for the past twenty years , has been the victim of an impostor and an organisation which swindles thousands of people . An unsrupulous organiser bought the domain name , posing as the official organiser of the Kazantip Festival in Ukraine .

Last winter , the website announced that the Kazantip Festival would take place in Portugal . More than a thousand dj's were invited to perform on the various dancefloors provided for the clubbers from all over the world . The organiser lead on that the artists would be performing free of charge as it is the most renowned festival worldwide . He organised a competition on his website and booked more than a thousand dj's from various European countries , taking care to choose a majority of artists yet unknown by the general public . By choosing his first "victims" well , he knew he would quickly fill the site with visitors from all over Europe . Afterwards he contacted five dj's who are well known by the electronic public and placed them on his site as a teaser based on the fact that he is not a fraud ! He also got in touch with Miss Shine who refused to perform at the Kazantip Festival in Portugal . She had received e-mails stating that the organiser was a fake as the Festival had always taken place in Ukraine before which made it all seem dubious . The organiser therefore insisted on the originality of the festival and that he had decided to produce it in Europe due to the immense success it had in Ukraine . He even tried to give her proof that the site belonged to him and had done for the past seven years . Miss Shine was reassured and decided to trust him and accepted to perform live on the main dancefloor of the festival , accompanied by her keytar . The organiser didn't hesitate to use the name of Miss Shine ( who has a career as a dj for the past seventeen years in the International clubbing world ) , to promote his event and encourage the most people possible to book entry tickets and sojourns sold at prices ranging from 400 to 2000 Euros !

A t the time of the opening of the festival in Portugal , Miss Shine wanted to know if the festival had indeed opened officially , but hadn't heard anything from the organiser . She therefore decided to go to the Facebook page where the participants had signed up , to get any news . Very soon after she received messages from dj's who were already there saying that noone fetched them from the airport as planned . A few minutes later , the Facebook page was shut down !! She stayed in touch with the disc jockey Alec Trusk who sends her all the information about the progress of events by sms . She hears that the shuttle which is supposed to transport the artists and clients to the festival site is six hours late and can not take everybody as there's not enough room . On arrival at the site of the venue , they discover the horror . They said that they felt as if they were in a war zone ! There was no food , no drinking water , no toilet paper and there were leeches in the lake of mud . The hotel was in fact a disused Army hangar . The structure was made from old wood and therefore very dangerous . Nothing was as it had seemed on the photos of the Kazantip.com website . The first evening , after a delay of six hours , the festival eventually opened and there were only 300 participants , the majority being men of which many were policemen or people involved in the event . When the dj's asked when the clients would be arriving , the organiser defended himself by saying that they would be arriving by shuttles on the second day of the festival . The next day a hundred persons arrived and there was still no food , toilet paper or running tapwater and all this in a heatwave of 40°C . The clients had to improvise and hitch hike to the nearest village which was thirty kilometers away to stock up ! During the evening , only one dance floor was operational because of the lack of people . One man badly hurt his eye on the wooden structure of the stage . The revolving light of the ambulance was brighter than the lights on the floor !

The day after , the dj's decided to unite and talk to the organiser , but to their great surprise he had vanished with the content of the tills of the bars and entries which had been sold till then ! He dumped everyone on the spot , dj's , personnel . . . The festival ended up in a general brawl .

As the organiser had shut down the websites , it was Miss Shine who had to inform everyone about the trickery and answer hundreds of e-mails which she received . The Press got in touch with her and she accepted to answer several interviews in order to try and warn people to not fly to this hellish destination . Noone has heard anything from the organiser and nobody has been refunded for their plane tickets or hotel reservations , let alone the entry fees . A real nightmare for those who had put their money towards a holiday at the Kazantip Portugal Festival and for the artists whose reputations have been fouled up because of that fake festival .

Miss Shine discovered that the organiser is starting to organise another fake festival which will take place in Brazil , Mexico and Thailand . The fraud of Portugal must have therefore been profitable for that impostor !! Miss Shine wishes to warn the public and other dj's to not be fooled by this conman . She urges you to share this information on the various internet platforms in order to put an end to this carnage . This time the organiser will try to use other dj's and aim higher . Be very careful and denounce this fraud on your social networks so that this man doesn't steal the money of hundreds of persons ! Please share this article to the max !









Here are picture of this scram !  Kazantip Festival www.kazantip.com


Kazantip Festival fake kazantip festival 2013 KAZANTIP FESTIVAL FAKE

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